Post #6: Tournament Time!

Please note that action pictures of the boys were taken during the games. These pictures will be loaded to Dropbox by player so that they can be access by their parents once the team returns to the United States. 


Tournament Day One: Roubaix Velodrome Pool Play

View from above - Rafa, Ramses and Bridger making last minute preparations before departing to the field.

La Roca FC vs. Real Bettis (Spain - La Liga) in a pre game Fusbal matchup!

Strategy session

La Roca FC makes the local Roubaix Newspaper!

Javentus team arriving at the stadium with La Roca FC

Boys soccer room, proudly displaying the American Flag

The view from the stands, the "Europa League" field is on the left and the "Champions League" field on the  right.  By the end of the day, the La Roca team places first in their pool putting them in to the Champions League for the remainder of the tournament. 

Boys taking in the action between games. 

 Game Time!

Ramses chasing down a player from Javentus. 

 After the games were complete for the day, our friend Malik was able to help the team get tickets to the Ligue One game Lille LOSC vs. Dijon - there is nothing like a Europe Professional Soccer Game experience!  Thank you Mailk!

Does it get any better than coach showing up for the game with a full afro!

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