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Things to Do Before Departure

  • Print the Detailed Itinerary to bring with you for reference.
  • Notify your banking / financial institutions (credit card / debit card) that you will be traveling overseas, they will ask for dates and countries you will be visiting. If you don't do this, you risk having your cards not work while in Europe. 
  • If you plan to take your mobile phone, you may want to contact your carrier to inquire about a temporary international calling and / or data plan.  This will help to avoid significant and unexpected charges on your next bill. 
  • Make photo copies of your passport(s) to bring with you.  Keep the photo copy in a separate bag from your real passport.  This is a precaution in case a passport is lost. 

Travel Topics

Question: How should each person pack for the trip?
Answer: With our travel to Europe, we will have a tight schedule in London.  To help ensure we make our bus on time, it is highly recommended that everyone use a carry on suitcase (22X14X9) and not check luggage.  The airline (Delta Carry On Restrictions) will allow each passenger to carry on two personal bags, one will be the carry on suitcase and the other a purse or backpack.  If you check your luggage and for some reason it does not arrive with you in London, you will likely not see the luggage again since we will be leaving by train to Belgium that evening.

Question: List of items to bring?
Answer: In addition to expected items such as clothes and toiletries (*note TSA restrictions on the sizes of liquids, for example you must bring travel size toothpaste and not the regular size), each player will also need to bring both sets of jerseys, training jersey, (white, red and black) and both sets of socks (striped and black), along with their full play gear (shin pads, cleats).  The weather (see below) in France will be mild in the day with rain and in the evenings it will be chilly.  Please pack your players accordingly - we do not want them to be cold.  Travel outfits for the players will be addressed during the Sunday evening mandatory meeting.

Question: Should my player bring a water bottle?
Answer: Each player may choose to either bring a water bottle (*NOTE that the bottle MUST be empty when passing through security) or purchase bottles of water while in France during team training, scrimmaging, and tournament play.

Question: What time do I need to arrive at the airport to check in (with my player / for my player)?
Answer: PLEASE arrive at the Salt Lake City International Airport (Terminal 2) to check in before 1:45pm.  While  this may be well before departure, it will take some time to get the entire group checked in and through security.  It is simply not worth having an issue with an of the travelers at the start of the trip. To check in, present your passport at the Delta counter and let them know you will be on the London flight.

Question: What will the weather be like?  How should I pack for my player?
Answer: The weather in northwest Europe in May will be much like northern Utah in early spring.  The following chart provides information on average weather trends.  Here is a link for the 10 day forecast that can be used prior to Departure Day (Roubaix 10 Day Forecast).  Please pack accordingly.  The wind coming off of the Atlantic Ocean can be very chilling in the evening hours.

Question: Is there anything specific I need to be aware of to get through security at the airport?
Answer: Yes, security is quite strict at the airport.  Please read the federal government TSA (enter "TSA security guidelines international travel" in google search) to be sure you are able to pass through security smoothly.

Question: How will player meals and other items be paid for that are part of the player budget?
Answer: Each player will be assigned to a designated coach / adult helper who will have a credit card and local currency to cover the cost of the players meals during non Tournament days.  The adult will track expenses so that any remaining balance may be refunded to the family.  All incidentals for the players will also be covered on a La Roca club credit card (per budget). All non-player travelers will be responsible for their own meals and other incidental costs during the trip.  At a minimum, this will include meals, tournament hotel (airport hotel already paid for), and transportation both from Lille to Paris (~20 Euro per person) and any transportation required during free time. 

Question: Will I be able to charge my electronics in Europe?
Answer: Yes, but you will require an international adaptor.  The size of the plug in England and across Europe is different that in the US, your US charging cord will not work without the adaptor.  (Power Adaptors - Target)

Question: If there is an emergency, how do I get ahold of the travelers?
Answer: Emergency contact information for Jose and Heidi can be found on the home page of the team website.  In addition, a parent may contact the La Roca main office for assistance.  The name and telephone of the hotel where the team will be staying in Roubaix is IBIS Lille Roubaix Center, 011 33 3 20 45 00 00.  If all else fails, please call 1.801.691.3365.

Question: How will room arrangements work at the tournament hotel?
Answer: The tournament has arranged rooms for the players, coaches, and families traveling with the group (see hotel details above).  The players and the coaches rooms are covered by the tournament; families will be required to cover the cost of their room (*Note that the tournament has negotiated a favorable rate for everyone).  Players will stay two per room, room assignments will be made by the coaches.

Question: Do we need travel Visas for the countries the team will visit?
Answer: United States passport holders do not require travel visas for countries in the European Union.

Question: Do I need local currency and if so, how do I get it?
Answer: A majority of vendors in Europe will take credit card; however it is suggested that travelers carry some cash as small restaurants do not always take credit cards.  *Note that cash will be available to cover player meal expenses.  To obtain local currently (Euro), travelers may use ATM's readily available in most travel destination.  In addition, travelers may convert dollars to euros at airport and train stations. Please be sure to keep a watchful eye on your valuables, to include petty crime such as pick-pocketing or backpack theft. 

Question: Will my cell phone work in England and Europe?
Answer: Yes, your cell phone will work in England and Europe; however, you will incur international charges that can be quite expensive.  If you plan to use your cell phone will traveling abroad, you may want to contact your cell phone carrier to inquire about a temporary international calling and data plan in order to avoid excessive charges.

Question: Will my Credit Card / Debit Card work in England and Europe?
Answer: It is HIGHLY recommended that you call your bank / credit union before departure to let them know where you will be traveling and when.  The reason for this is if they see a transaction come through from another country, they may suspect it is fraudulent and freeze your card so you can no longer use it.  If you notify them of your travel plans in advance, they will note this in your account records and you will avoid having payment problems.

Itinerary Topics

Question: How many people will travel in the group? How will we get around?
Answer: There are 33 people traveling in our group, cooperation and help from everyone is paramount for giving the players a true international soccer experience. We will using various forms of transportation to include high speed trains and private busses.  For group activities, transportation has been arranged.  During free time, families and or smaller groups will need to arrange for their own transportation.  In Europe, the rail system is highly developed.  Directly in front of the team hotel, travelers will be able to catch the metro train for local travel along with accessing the main train station to reach more distant locations.

Question: What is the plan while the team is in Roubaix?
Answer: The tournament has graciously planned several soccer and tour related activities for the boys.  Please see the detailed itinerary for more on this (Detailed Itinerary).  In addition to this, we have planned some group activities; however, there will be several free time opportunities where families may do as they please.

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