Train Travel (Read)

*The guidelines below apply to many of the team travel situations we will encounter.  Please read and prepare appropriately. 

 Preparing for your journey

Hello, you and your group are now booked onto a journey with Eurostar. You will find below some useful travel information.
Throughout your journey, our team members will be available to offer you any assistance or guidance. Do not hesitate to contact them for further information.

Have you thought about your arrival time at the station ? 
Please ensure that you arrive at check in at least 60 minutes but no more than 90 minutes before departure. Failure to do so might lead to you missing your train.

Have you checked that everybody has got any valid travel documents?
In order to travel on the Eurostar you will need valid travel documents. Please ensure you have the correct travel documents with you at the station upon departure. In order to gain access to the departure lounge, each group member will need to scan their ticket on the automatic check-in gates (GROUP WILL PROVIDE TRAIN TICKETS UPON ARRIVAL AT THE STATION). Once passed the check-in gates, they will need to go through security screening and passport control straightaway.

Have you asked everybody to pack a light suitcase?
Beware of your group members carrying heavy or large suitcases. They will have to carry them for a long period of time, and will have to lift them on and off the security screening machines. Your group members will need to ensure that they are able to do this themselves. 

Do you need to gain access to the luggage hold?
If you’re traveling in a big group you can relax and enjoy your journey with us in comfort while we take care of your luggage.
This service is only available on our London, Paris and Brussels routes. You’ll need to book in advance and we’ll send you more details and instructions when we send you your booking confirmation.  

Did you check that everybody has put their personal equipment in their bags?
Ensure that everybody has put their personal belongings in their hand bags (mobile phones, keys, coins, MP3, headphones, etc…) All bags will need to be x-rayed when checking in. 
Are you ready for the boarding ?
Once in the departure lounge, you will need to contact a member of staff to inform them of your location. You need to remain in group when you are in the departure lounge. Boarding for your service may start up to 35 minutes before departure. Failure to be ready to board the train early would be leading to  inconvenience for your group member.
Have you checked where you need to put your luggage?
Once on board the train, you need to check where the luggage can be stored. Large suitcases can be stored by luggage racks located by the entry doors and at the end of your coach. You will be able to store small suitcases and hand luggage above your seats. Please ensure that all team members have their personal belongings with them. On board the train, small luggage must be placed above their seats, as the racks located at the entrance of the coach can only be used for large suitcases. Once on board the train, you will need to ensure that no luggage is placed in the corridors or doorways. Suitcases can only be placed in the luggage racks located at the entrance of the train. You must ensure that no luggage are blocking the exit doors or doorways. Failure to follow these safety regulations would lead to the train not being able to depart on time as the train manager must ensure that all exits are clear.
Enjoy your trip

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