Post #5: Team Training, Tour to Lille, Crepes to Top it Off

Two hour training @ Roubaix Soccer Club to start the day!

Time to head to Lille, France. Celia & Coach Jose to lead the way.

Taking the metro like true locals

Made it!

First stop at a historic city in Europe - - the Mall 😖

Yummy!  It was worth it.

Successful photo bomb

Saint Maurice's Church - Central Lille

"Men's Club" (according to some)

Two La Roca teams in Lille??

The only store the players were interested in visiting...

La Roca S MH , La Roca S JM ,  La Roca N --> All La Roca Family

↑ because of this ↓

Ending the night on a sweet note - Crepes Corner in Roubaix, France.

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